What is Plywood & How It Is Made?

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 What is Plywood & How it is made?           

Plywood, you might have heard a lot about these sheets, but really don’t know much about these plywood sheets. Well in this article we will explain you what is plywood and how it is made.  First start with History.

Plywood History

According to Wikipedia plywood is invented in 1797 by Samuel Bentham and About fifty years later Immanuel Nobel, father of Alfred Nobel, realized that several thinner layers of wood bonded together would be stronger than one single thick layer of wood; understanding the industrial potential of laminated wood he invented the rotary lathe.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a sheet which is made from thin layers of wood. These thin (1.5mm to 2.5 mm) layers of wood is called core. When these cores are glued and stacked in alternate directions layer by layer to form plywood. Front and back side is covered by very thin layer (about 0.5mm) of wood veneer which is known as face of ply.

Types of Plywood

There are many types of plywood available in Ahmedabad market. When manufacturing which wood core and which resin or chemical is used, decide which type of plywood it is.

> Softwood Plywood (Poplar Plywood)

Softwood Plywood is made from wood which are soft in nature like cedar, pine, spruce and poplar (available in northern India). In India it is also known as Poplar Plywood.

Softwood plywood has maximum moisture resistance, durability and bending strength. It is low in weight and easily cut able.

General size is 8ft x 4ft and it is widely is used in readymade furniture and packaging of industrial goods.

Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood is made from wood which is hard in nature like Eucalyptus, Gurjan, and Teak wood. Alternate plywood is made from 50-50 combination of eucalyptus and poplar wood, is also considered as hardwood plywood. It is harder, stronger, heavier and denser than softwood plywood.

It is first choice for making furniture in dry areas like living room, study room, offices, etc.

> Marine Plywood

This plywood is not affected by water, because it is specially treated plywood and bond with marine grade BWP resin that can endure extreme weather conditions and withstand alternate drying and wetting.

This plywood is functional in both exteriors and semi exteriors. It is widely used in bus & trucks bodies, railway coaches, kitchem accessories, sign boards, panelling partitions, bathrooms, for high quality furniture and other interior & exterior wood working needs.

I think this make you guys clear about plywood history, what is plywood and its types. Now its time to know how plywood is manufactured.

How Plywood is made


Above Picture clearly explain you whole manufacturing process. Let check out plywood manufacturing process from one of the most reputed plywood manufacturer in India.

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