Advantages of Using Plywood

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Plywood is versatile product and used in many places. In this article, we discuss about advantages of plywood as compared to solid wood. Below are list of advantages.

Advantages of Plywood

  1. Uniform Strength

    No 1 advantage of plywood is its Uniform Strength. Hardwood Plywood is a strong material and has greater density than any other sheet material like MDF, Particle Boards or PVC sheets. Because we keep core veneer alternately when manufacturing plywood, these plywood sheets get equal strength on whole sheet.

  2. Plywood is versatile material 

    These sheets not just used in furniture but it is used both industrial (Speaker Making), structural applications (like Concrete shuttering plywood) Marine Plywood for boat making etc.

  3. Environmental Friendly

    It is made from a renewable resource thus it is a natural product. We can also call it environment friendly decorative product.

  4. 8×4 size available as compared to solid wood

    You can’t 8ft x 4ft size of 18mm thick in solid wood. Imagine how big tree you need to cut to get 8ft x 4ft size of 18mm thick sheet. I think this is most important benefit of using plywood. That can get sheet of any thickness in any size till 8×4.

  5. Minimize waste of wood

    Plywood core veneer is get from rotary cut and slice cut machine which hardly waste wood. While making solid wood blocks, we have to cut at least 4 slice from sides which is actually waste for us.

  6. Durable 

    Plywood is stronger than Particle Board and MDF board, thus it is more reliable for making furniture and long lasting life to furniture.

  7. Cheaper than Solid wood 

    Solid wood is costlier than plywood because of many reasons. When comparing table made from solid wood is comes out to be more expensive than table made from plywood.

  8. Also use in making Natural Veneer sheet

    Some solid woods sell because of its beautiful grains. These woods are very costly. Veneer of such solid wood bonded on surface of plywood to make decorative natural veneer.

  9. Flexible plywood

    Interesting inventions in plywood is flexible plywood, which can bend to form, curved structure of plywood and give extra beauty to furniture.

  10. No Shrinking, Swelling & Warping 

    Solid wood shrink, swell and warp because of its grains. You can avoid it in plywood because plywood core are placed at 90 degree to give strength against these.

These are some common advantages of plywood.

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