Where to Buy Plywood in India

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I am guessing that you are ready to renovate or making new furniture for your home or office. Are you new to plywood? If than read our earlier post what is plywood & how it is made? Now question comes in your mind is where to buy plywood at reasonable prices. These are four places which come in mind when we think of where to buy plywood.

Where to buy Plywood

  • Shop Interior Designer or Carpenter Suggest
  • From Nearby Small Retailers
  • Buy Plywood Online
  • Buy from Plywood Wholesaler

Which of these place will give you best deal in quality & price? Confused? Don’t worry in this article we will help you in choosing best place to buy plywood by discussing about all these places and their in’s & out’s.

Before we move ahead first know how to identify best quality plywood, this will help us in deciding where to buy plywood.

  1. Shop Interior Designer or Carpenter suggest 

    When renovating or making new furniture, first step you consult with Interior Designer or Carpenter for design and measurements, right? At a time of this consultation process, people ask these professionals which plywood is best and where to buy that type of plywood. Which is actually a good way of doing it? Because they are best people after plywood manufacturer & plywood wholesalers, who know about which product is good and which isn’t. They know your budget and advice you accordingly.

    Well I would say believe these guys but please don’t believe them blindly and please do your research first before buying. Sometimes what happen is because of your lack of knowledge about plywood, some of these people started cheating you in these ways.

    • Keeping commission (which range from 10 to 25 per sq ft)
    • Making you buy expensive plywood or branded plywood. In order to increase total overall project budget, so that they get more % share.
    • Make you buy softwood plywood in a name of expensive alternate or hardwood plywood.

    Note: We are not saying that everybody in this profession is doing this. But as per our 30 years of experience we come across these types of situations.

    We suggest you to do you research regarding plywood types and their current prices before you do any purchase from these shops. According us, you should find proper plywood wholesaler and buy from their. We discuss about buying from plywood wholesaler in later sections.


  1. From Nearby Small Retailer 

    You find small plywood store or plywood retailer nearby every residential areas. These types of stores especially target new residential areas. These shops, don’t buy plywood from manufacturers, they buy from local wholesalers and sell it to end users.

    These stores are convenient for people who live locally to buy plywood or laminate sheets. Buy from these shops saves your time and also you will able order small quantity as per your needs. When buying from these shops you can save on transportation cost as well.

    Just for your convenience and saving peanuts on transportation cost, you shouldn’t be paying 10 – 15 % extra price on plywood. For example, if you are spending around 5 lac rupee in raw material for your furniture, then it will be around 50k -75k extra if you are buying from these stores. 50k -75k is lot of money. Maybe it might be your monthly income or a part. And also when buying from these shop you don’t get proper choice, because they don’t stock plywood and you won’t able to judge quality of plywood by seeing sample or 2-3 sheets in display.

    I would suggest not buying from nearby small retailer as you are end-up paying 10-15% extra on plywood. This is a lot of money.

  1. Buy Plywood Online 

    Today you will see online portal selling plywood online. These portals have made online catalog of plywood. You can choose and buy plywood, and it gets delivered to your door.

    Buy online has lots on benefits as we see these days. But when buying plywood, it doesn’t seem feasible to us because of many reasons. First most of plywood which sells online is branded plywood, which is super-duper expensive. Second you can’t physically check plywood weight, looks, even surface, bonding, etc. Third Delivery charges are very high and not specialized people comes to deliver plywood. Fourth suppose you are new to plywood, how would you know or compare plywood rates as per its type. Maybe you end up paying hell lot of money.

    Getting Interior is always expensive, so right decision will save lot of your money. According to us buying plywood online doesn’t give you upper hand in choosing right quality and saving money.


  1. Buy from Plywood wholesaler 

    Plywood wholesaler are stocking plywood in large quantity and supplying to small traders and end users. These plywood wholesalers buy plywood from direct manufacturers from both nationally and internationally. All types of plywood available with these wholesalers and in good quantity.

    First as you are buying plywood from direct wholesaler, you will get plywood are wholesale rate which is 10-15% less than retailer. Another benefit is that you can actually compare types of plywood according to your needs. You can clearly judge difference in commercial plywood and waterproof plywood by looking at its stock at plywood wholesaler. Now a day most of these wholesalers provide free delivery which in turn save your money. Apart from these there are also many advantages of buying plywood from wholesalers.

According to us, always buy plywood from plywood wholesalers whenever you are renovating or making new furniture. Plywood is not what we require every year or every month and also getting interior done is not cheap. So do your research and always buy from any plywood wholesalers who buy plywood from reputed manufacturers.

Hope it answer your question where to buy plywood in India.

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