Plywood Sheet Price List

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Plywood Sheet Price List

You might be planning to renovate or get interior done at your home or office. And must be researching about plywood or new to word “plywood”, and want to know plywood price in India & more answers related to plywood prices in India. In this article I will show you what will be minimum and maximum prices of plywood according to their types.

Before we start, if you don’t know much about plywood than read my previous article What is Plywood and how it is Made? and Types of Plywood.

Plywood Price Example

First thing before we start, I want share a small situation happened to me with one of my customer.

“This customer called me and asked for plywood price of Greenply and also added that he want best one. So I offer him Green Gold Plywood as it is premium plywood by Greenply. I gave him rate of around 165 per sq ft, told him its benefits and how much it will cost him.

Two days back I call that customer, he said to me that your greenply rates are too high. I was shocked hear this, as we always offer special discount to our customer. When I asked some questions, I came to know that some other dealer have given him rate of Green Ecotec MR Plywood rates, which are 85 per sq ft.

That other dealer has given reasonable rates to customer and even we can also give Ecotec at this rate. But what happen here is that customer was comparing price of MR plywood with Premium Gurjan Plywood. This happen because, lack of customer’s knowledge about plywood and its type.”

When planning to make furniture in your home or office, select right type of plywood according to your need. For example use Commercial or MR Grade Plywood for dry places like furniture in Bedroom, Living Room and Study Room. And use Waterproof or Marine Plywood for your kitchen shelf, bathroom cupboard or any exterior furniture. To know more about selecting right plywood from your furniture, read 10 Thing to keep in mind when buying plywood. By Now you must have select which plywood to buy and where to use it.

Plywood Prices in India

Below is table which will help you to know plywood prices in India. Plywood Prices which shown in table are approximate based on our 30 years of experience. You will find price which varies in same type of plywood. There are some factors which decide plywood price or cost.

ThicknessPoplar PlywoodCommercial / MR Grade PlywoodWaterproof / Marine PlywoodGurjan Plywood
4 MM16203039
6 MM25294051
8 MM32385267
12 MM40466085
15 MM485778103
18 MM526295125
19 MM BB5868
25 MM BB7285

Note: These rates are from normal plywood brands. All prices are in per sq ft. MM is Millimetre BB – Block Board

Above rates are not of branded plywood. Branded plywood rates are 40-50% higher than above mention prices. They are super-duper expensive. Branded plywood comes with hidden cost like advertising, celebrity endorsements and other corporate expenses. Branded company MR Plywood price starts from 85 per sq ft. Now see the price difference between branded plywood and normal plywood brands.

Normal Plywood brands are from reputed manufacturer but don’t advertise much as compared to branded plywood. As not advertise, so you might not have heard about those brands. And it doesn’t mean that they are low quality plywood. Check plywood quality before buying. This guide will help you in identify best quality plywood.

We offer ONEPLUS plywood which is best quality plywood from reputed manufacturer and you will get best value for money.


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