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Looking to buy Commercial / MR Grade Plywood in Ahmedabad

You are at the right place. Trishul Timber co offer range of Commercial Plywood in Ahmedabad to customers at low price. Commercial Plywood is also known as MR Grade Plywood. Don’t get confused it is not waterproof plywood, MR means Moisture Resistant. People sometimes call it as Semi-Waterproof plywood.

Commercial plywood is most commonly used in making home and office furniture. These plywood sheets are tightly bonded with high quality synthetic MF (Melamine Urea Formaldehyde) Resin, which gives it a long life.

The Indian Standards specification number for MR grade plywood is IS:303.

We offer mainly two types of Commercial or MR Grade Plywood in Ahmedabad.


1. MR Poplar Grade Plywood

Commercial plywood in Ahmedabad

Poplar Plywood is made from 100% Poplar Wood. Poplar wood is soft in nature, so we also called softwood plywood. Poplar plywood has maximum moisture resistance, bending strength and durability. Poplar plywood is low in weight and easily cut able.

In India poplar plywood is widely used in readymade furniture and Packaging of industrial goods. Poplar plywood also used for door & windows frames and carpentry. Because of its relatively low weight it can be used to build high structural stresses in shop and interior fitting, shipbuilding, bathroom furniture, and also in vehicle construction.

Brands available:
OnePlus MR Poplar Plywood


2. MR Alternate Grade Plywood

Commercial plywood in Ahmedabad

This Plywood is manufactured from two different types of wood core, mainly 50% Poplar Wood core & 50% Eucalyptus Wood core. These cores stacked alternately layer by layer, thus it gives red & white look from edges of sheet. It is harder, stronger, heavier and denser than poplar plywood.

Alternate plywood is first choice for making furniture in dry areas like living room, study room, offices, etc. It is also used as wall paneling and for partitioning.

Brands available:

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