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Looking to Buy Flush Door in Ahmedabad

Trishul Timber Co offer Flush Door in Ahmedabad at reasonable rates. Check out our flush door range, Pinewood Flush Door & Laminated Flush Door. If you are unaware about flush door than you should read this. This information will help you learn about flush door.

What is Flush Door? 

What is Flush Door, a common question comes in mind when we don’t know anything about flush door. Well flush door is made from wooden frame and plywood core & face on front & back sides. It carries manufacturing process same as of Block Boards, but flush door are thicker (30mm to 45mm) Wooden Frames are made from special wood like pinewood or hardwood. This in turn also decide these door price.

flush door in Ahmedabad

Img: Flush Door Structure. In this image you can see 2 types of flush door.

  1. 9 Ply construction: This is know as Triple Core Flush Door. 3 plywood core & face veneer are pressed on both side of wooden frame. This type of flush door only make if someone ordered 35MM or more thickness.
  2. 5 Ply Construction: This is know as Single Core Flush Door. Only one core & Face veneer are pressed on both side of wooden frame. This is most common type of flush door used in Indian market. Perfect for 30MM door.

Advantages of using flush door

  • It is simple in design
  • Cheaper than other types of door
  • Better strength than panel doors
  • Durable
  • Good stability against twisting
  • Different types of laminate & veneer on it gives attractive look
  • Offer good cleanliness
  • As manufactured thus available in any asked quantity

Like plywood flush door also comes in MR and Waterproof. Thus you can select according to your need. Trishul Timber co offer Flush door in Ahmedabad. We offer two types of door are

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