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Established in 1980, Glo Panels Pvt Ltd is based in Mumbai, India. They are focused and committed company; constantly striving to source, innovative, design, produce and bring new trend to the Interior Design and Architectural industry. Backed by years of experience and exposure in the field, they have the enviable advantage of knowing current and future market needs and trends.

Today, whether you’re designing a home or office, a savvy knowledge of materials is increasingly critical. Keeping up with the constant flow of new innovations, let alone applications, properties and sources, is a difficult and time consuming task. Backed by years of experience and exposure in the Interior Design and Architectural industry, has puts Glo Wood in an advantage in knowing the current and future market needs.

Products Categories by Glowood

Volume 1

  • Glodecor
  • Poly Wave Board
  • Art Board
  • MDF Wave Board 25 mm
  • MDF Wave Board 12 mm
  • MDF Wave Board 5 mm
  • MDF Grill Board 15 mm
  • MDF Grill Board 12 mm
  • MDF Grill Board 8 mm
  • MDF Wave Grill Board
  • MDF Dual Grill Board
  • WPC Wave Board 6 mm
  • WPC Wave Board 12 mm
  • WPC Grill Board 12 mm
Volume 2

  • Solid Surface Borders
  • Natural Veneer Art
  • Recon Veneer Art
  • Recon Veneer Grill Board
  • Fibre Cement Materials
  • ABS Door
Volume 3

  • Plexi Dekor Seperator Systems
  • Plexi Dekor Pendant Lamp
  • Crystal Mosaic
  • Cube Mosaic
  • Moulded Leather Panel
  • Antique Wood Mosaic
  • Wood Mosaic
  • Metal Mosaic
  • Metal Wall Décor
  • Faux Leather Mosaic
  • Shell Mosaic
  • Solid Surface Mosaic
  • Pebble Mosaic
  • 3D Board
Charcoal Series

  • Charco ceiling
  • Charco moulding
  • Charco Décor
  • Charcopanel
Floresta Series

  • Table Tops
  • Coffee Tables/Stools
  • Tree trunk Stool
  • Wall Art
  • Ceilings
  • Headboards
  • Wine Rack
  • Mantels


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