Laminate Sheet

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Laminate Sheet

At Trishul Timber Co, customer will able to select laminate sheet from thousands of designs for top brands. Lets first understand how these sheets are made which helps in choosing right laminate according to your needs.

What is Laminate Sheet?

These sheets are made from two types of paper, Kraft paper (brown paper) and Decorative paper. First paper shocked in melamine resin, and then dries it. After that 7-12 layers of these papers are stacked together with decorative paper on top, hard press these paper under high pressure and temperature. Sanding at bottom side of sheet and carefully finishing sides of these sheets is last process in becoming High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheet.

These Sheets comes in many types of finishes like SF, MATT, HIGH GLOSS and Lots different types of textures. These sheets comes in many verity of designs or shade like Solid colors, Wood Grains, Stone, Marble, HD, Digital etc. Any possible design can become part of laminate sheet design. Lots of big brands in India, bring new designs every month to attract customers.

Thickness of laminate sheet varies from 0.6mm to 1.5 mm, more Kraft paper added more the thickness of sheet. There are lots of advantages using these sheets on your furniture:

  • Best alternate for natural materials like Marble or Granite
  • Washable so makes furniture waterproof from surface
  • Strength is more than natural materials
  • Heat resistant so ideal for kitchen
  • Scratch proof laminate sheet is available.

We offer two types of laminate sheet in Ahmeabad, Decorative and Liner Grade. Please follow link to know more about these types.