Laminated Flush Door

Laminated flush door in ahmedabad

Laminated Flush Door

Trishul Timber Co offer Laminated Flush Door in Ahmedabad at discounted rates.

Laminated Flush Door is ready to fix doors. Also know as Ready-Made Flush Door. This is our special service, we give to our customers. Earlier customer use to buy flush door and laminate sheet separately and carpenters work on it.

In order to save customers time & money, we processed laminate on flush door in pressuring machine for 4-5 hours. It works out to be cheaper for customer.

Customers just have to get us actual inside measurement of door frame and select any laminate according to their imagination. We put Teak Wood border Patti on edges and processed door in pressuring machine for 4-5 hours.

How prices of Lamniated Flush Door work in Ahmedabad

Laminated Door = Flush Door Cost + Laminate Cost + Teak Wood Border Patti Cost + Labour Cost
Laminated flush door in ahmedabad


  • Laminate sheet makes it water resistance
  • Unique design
  • Ready to fix
  • Break resistant
  • Durable
  • Save carpenter job charges
  • Easily cleanable or washable

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laminated flush door ahmedabad