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Trishul Timber Co offer Natural Veneer in Ahmedabad from top brands like Green DecoWood Veneer, Century Veneer, Durian Veneer, Garnet Veneer, Flamingo Veneer, DURO Nature’ Signature Veneer ,Euro Veneer, etc at discounted price

What is Natural Veneer?

Every wood species has its own colour and grain. The skilful use of the trees innate character creates veneers that are entirely unique in structure and colour tone. As wood matures, colour tones vary, as is the case with veneers. Differences in colour and character are inherent to wood’s attraction.

However, certain interiors aspire to create a stable and uniform impression which some natural veneers cannot provide over wide areas, most veneers can be book matched. Natural is our most popular wood veneer selection. These veneers possess all the beauty and character nature provides. The veneer’s colour tone matures with time and thus no two veneers are exactly alike. Natural Veneer is natural and unique.

Natural veneers are manufactured using an extra thick layer of face veneer up to 0.55 mm thickness and 4 MM Gurjan plywood which is used as a base.

Natural Veneer Manufacturers in India currently manufacturing lots of different types. Below are some categories of Natural Veneer available

  • Teak
  • Smoked
  • Open Grain
  • Stone
  • Weathered
  • Palm
  • Thunder
  • Faded
  • Whole Tree
  • Natural Tree
  • Metallico
  • Cracks
  • Volcano
  • Ripple
  • Feel
  • Rough Cut
  • Interno
  • Fiero
  • Butt-Cut
  • Figured
  • Exotic/Burls/Pomele
  • Crotch
  • Evergreen



  • Green DecoWood Natural Veneer
  • Century Natural Veneer
  • Durian Natural Veneer
  • Garnet Natural Veneer
  • Flamingo Natural Veneer
  • DURO Nature’ Signature Veneer
  • Euro Natural Veneer

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