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Trishul Timber Co offer Pine Wood in Ahmeabad. Pinewood is also known as Cheel Wood in india. Currently pine wood is imported from New Zealand, Canada and European countries.

Pine wood quality differs from different regions and so their prices & their applications differ. You can get all types of pinewood for your exterior and interior purpose from us

Most common Pine Wood categories are:

  • German Pine
  • SYP (Seasoned Yellow Pine)
  • Indian Cheel Wood (Devdar cheel)
  • New Zealand Pine
  • Sprus Pine


Pine Wood is widely used for construction, wall paneling and packaging purpose. High quality pine wood like German & SYP pine is also used for making furniture, wall decoration and gift articles.

All sizes are available with us. Our expert will guide in selecting which wood is best for which place. To know more our product & services please contact us, we will get back to you asap.