Pine wood flush door

Buy Pinewood Flush Door in Ahmedabad

Trishul Timber is reputed dealer of 100% Pinewood Flush Door in Ahmedabad. Our doors are of high quality and have maximum durability.

Pinewood Flush Door’s wooden frame is made from 100% pinewood. Pinewood is lighter and borer free wood, thus make door more reliable for residential purpose. These wooden frames are covered by plywood core & face veneer on both the sides of door. Thus these doors are stronger and have better sound proof quality. These doors are perfect for interior use because of following reasons:

  • Light weight
  • Borer free
  • Easily Cut able and can use glass
  • Joint less surface
  • Uniform Thickness

Pinewood Flush Door Types:

We offer two types of Pinewood Flush Door in Ahmedabad

  • MR or Commercial Flush Door
  • BWP or Waterproof Flush Door

Pinewood Flush Door Uses:

  1. Widely Used in Residential (Main Doors, Room Doors, Bathroom Doors)
  2. Use in Commercial or Industrial Site
  3. Use in New Bungalows or Apartment sites

Pinewood Flush Door in ahmedabad


Available Thickness: 30mm
Other thickness like 32mm, 35mm, 40mm is make to order

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pinewood flush door ahmedabad