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Trishul Timber Co. offer Plywood in Ahmedabad, Gujarat since 1985. We offer wide range of plywood to our customers like Commercial/MR Grade Plywood, Waterproof/Marine Plywood & Gurjan Plywood.

Looking to Buy Plywood in Ahmedabad for your Home or Office  

But don’t know much about plywood and totally depends on what Carpenter & Interior Designer suggests you. Carpenter & Interior Designer are perfect guys to get knowledge about plywood.

You are spending handsome amount of money on your interior, so why not read this before actually go to buy. Our Motto is to educate customer before they buy plywood.

First thing to know what is plywood and how it is manufactured?


What is Plywood

Plywood is a sheet which is made from thin layers of wood. These thin (1.5mm to 2.5 mm) layers of wood is called core. When these cores are glued and stacked in alternate directions layer by layer to form plywood. Front and back side is covered by very thin layer (about 0.5mm) of wood veneer which is known as face of ply. Learn more about plywood.


Types of Plywood

here are many types of plywood available in Ahmedabad market. When manufacturing which wood core veneer and which resin or chemical is used, decide which type of plywood it is. There are wide range of plywood available in Indian Market are

Learn more about types of plywood

Now you know what is plywood and its types. Now its time how to select best quality plywood for your home.


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When Buying Plywood in Ahmedabad

You should choose according to your requirement not by any traditional methods. For example

Read more on How to identify best quality plywood by trishul timber.

How Plywood Prices or Cost calculated?

It is calculated on Sq Ft. or Sq Mt. basis like Rs 60.00 per Sq Ft. There are some factors which decide price or cost like thickness, type of wood core & face veneer used in it and treated for waterproofing or not. Read more on factor which decide plywood price or cost.


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