Recon Veneer


Recon Veneer

Trishul Timber Co offer Sonear, Garnet and Flamingo Recon Veneer in Ahmedabad at discounted price to customers.

What is Recon Veneer?

A reconstituted veneer is a man-made product using a wood commonly called “obeche”. These veneers are systematically dyed to mimic the look of their real wood counterparts. The beauty of this type of veneer is its outstanding color and grain consistency from sheet to sheet unlike natural veneer. Reconstituted wood veneers are defect-free and identical from one sheet to another when purchased together, making them a great option for projects where consistency is critical.


  • Sonear Recon Veneer
  • Garnet Recon Veneer
  • Flamingo Recon Veneer

You can select from catalog or from full sheet gallery. Please contact us, our sales team will contact you asap.