Timber Merchant ahmedabad


Timber Merchant

Trishul Timber Co started its journey from wholesaling CP Teak timber in 1985. As Time have passed, we started dealing lots of types of wood spices which is widely used in construction and furniture.

Wood is also known as Timber and Trishul Timber co is Timber Merchant. In Western countries it also refers as Lumber.

Whatever we call but usage of wood is same. Right from ancient times, it is used as fuel and for construction materials. We provide wood for construction purpose only like used in furniture, in making door or window frames, in wall paneling and wall partitioning. The timber industry around the world is huge, providing wood for a variety of products from paper to particleboard.

Different types of wood used in at different places. For example high quality teak wood is used in making door and window frame of bungalows. We offer

Our expert will guide customer in selecting which wood is best for which place. Please follow link to know more about these products or know more our product & services please contact us, we will get back to you asap.